Allow me to welcome you to the WSGE Music Blog! It will primarily be run by me (this is Afternoon Blend host Jeff Penfield speaking btw) as editor, however you may see posts from other DJs from time to time.  Here’s what you’ll find:

– New Music!
– Video Of Your Favorite Artists.
– Regular features
– And more…

You’ll have an inside look into our quirky staff and we welcome you to join the conversation. Comment on posts all you like and start up a discussion since we want to know your musical tastes too.

What would a first post on a Music Blog be without music? Here’s one of our favorite new songs from JD McPherson. He’s got a terrific throwback sound on his new release Signs And Signifiers. He even looks the part of a 1950’s rockabilly artist. Here’s a song from the release called “North Side Gal”.

– Jeff

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