Robert Cray Band Nothin’ But Love

Being a mainstay in the music industry can have a negative connotation sometimes. For an artist who has been creating music and performing, keeping the same level of quality can be difficult. If Robert Cray is having any problems he certainly doesn’t show it on his new album Nothin’ But Love. He continues to deliver with his revolutionary style of blues album after album. He leads off with a fiery guitar lick on “Won’t Be Coming Home”. The creative juices flow on the track “Side Dish” with a little old fashioned rock n’ roll sound. He even infuses a little jazz on “I’ll Always Remember You”. Cray has been such a unique and influential artist throughout his career. Some who made a difference seem to disappear into obscurity. Cray, however, doesn’t seem satisfied with that. As long as he continues releasing albums like this, he’ll do just fine going into the latter part of his career.

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