Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: Brinkley Financial Group


Brinkley Financial Group is a firm that understands the value of WSGE’s listening audience. With offices in Charlotte and Kings Mountain,  North Carolina, they are dedicated to a highly individualized and service-oriented approach to financial planning, asset management and  investing. 

Whether you’re barely able to save money each month or have plenty to invest, Brinkley Financial Group can help you put a game plan in place to optimize your assets and manage your risk.  Their services include:

  • Financial Planning. From retirement, estate and education planning to wealth management and life insurance
  • Asset Management. They help allocate and structure your assets with the appropriate financial services to meet your needs.
  • Investments. They offer a wide range of mutual fund structures or annuities to meet your needs and desired level of risk.
  • Corporate Services. They work with HR departments to deliver financial benefits packages to companies of all sizes.

Are you a business owner looking to promote your business in new unique ways?

See more information on corporate sponsorship of WSGE or call Amanda Wolfe at 704-922-2304.

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