Joe Bonamassa has been an underrated guitarist and songwriter for quite a long time. Sure he puts on a terrific live performance and has a strong fanbase behind him, but he always seems to hiding just under the spotlight. Maybe his unique blues rock blend has kept people away, but he’s toned down his normally guitar driven sound on his new album Driving Towards The Daylight. Even on the title track, you can hear his new direction but at the same time it still has that unique Bonamassa quality. Now if you are looking for his blazing guitar style, you can still get it with tracks like “I Got All You Need”. Any blues rock fan, whether you’ve liked Bonamassa’s previous work or not, can enjoy “Somewhere Trouble Can’t Go”. You could say Bonamassa is expanding as an artist, but in reality he knows himself so well that he’s not really expanding. This sound has always been possible, however he chose this album as the time to introduce it. Hopefully more music fans will take note Bonamassa’s unique style and give him the recognition he deserves.