News is going around about how much Paul McCartney made for his performance at the Olympics this past weekend. He was paid a hefty sum of…one pound. So he didn’t TECHNICALLY play for a buck, more like $1.57.  Still, not much for a performer of his caliber. The other performers were also paid the same amount so he wasn’t alone. Why so low? Well, the performers would have done it for free but they had to be paid in order to make their contracts binding. That makes me wonder how many musicians here would offer their services essentially for free to represent their country at the Olympic opening. I certainly hope a good number of folks would have enough pride in their country and want to represent it on such an enormous stage no matter the cost.

Since any video I try to put up of the Olympic performance will likely be pulled from YouTube, here’s a previous performance of “Hey Jude” for you to enjoy.

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