Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: Brinkley Financial

Financial planning is about more than investing for retirement. At Brinkley Financial Group, it’s about building a relationship with money that enables you to greet whatever life throws you with confidence. That relationship can begin today, whether you have just $50 to set aside each month, a retirement plan to rollover, a brokerage account you’re unhappy with or a lump sum to invest.

As a family run business with strong Southern values, we understand what all your hard work and worry is about. You want to give your family the best future possible. So we take a truly individualized approach, tailoring your solution to the dreams you hold for your family. After all, our family’s legacy and reputation hinges on the good work of this business. We can only succeed when you do.

Throughout our lives we learn a lot of life management skills, but few are ever taught how to manage and form a beneficial relationship with money. Because of this, many are not aware how to put strategies in place to help them navigate life transitions, legacy planning and economic setbacks and windfalls.

That’s where Brinkley Financial Group can help. We work with you to develop individualized strategies to make the most of any financial condition, our objective is to preserve wealth and help it grow. Whether you’re barely able to save money each month or have plenty to invest, we’ll help you put a game plan in place to optimize your assets and manage your risk. Our services include:

  • Financial Planning. From retirement, estate and education planning to wealth management and life insurance, we deliver comprehensive services that address every corner of your financial life.
  • Asset Management. We help allocate and structure your assets with the appropriate financial services to meet your needs.
  • Investments. We offer a wide range of mutual fund structures or annuities to meet your needs and desired level of risk.
  • Corporate Services. We work with HR departments to deliver financial benefits packages to companies of all sizes.

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