We love the 90s!

The 1990’s are characterized by the rise of musical movements such as grunge and the rave scene. Hip hop began to spread around the world to young people during that decade, aided by then-new technology such as cable television and the World Wide Web.  The rise of alternative media and multiculturalism lead to extreme advances in technology and a birth of a musical revolution!

90scalled At WSGE, we are celebrating the ’90s from October 14th – October 25th
during our Fall Membership Drive!  Join us as we strive to raise $90,000 once again while listeners and DeeJays share their favorite memories.  We will bring you back to the days of playing POGS with friends while decked out in Peace Frog clothing. Or perhaps you were the Beanie Babies collector with awesome crimped hair that obsessed over Zak Morris!  We want to take you back and give you the chance to rock to the sounds of Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, REM or U2 once again.

Be a genius like Doogie Howser and do your part to support WSGE 91.7fm!
Donate today and doogie-howserhelp us reach $90,000 for WSGE’s operational budget to keep your favorite music on the radio!  We can end this drive before it even begins!  Don’t procrastinate – support WSGE right here, right now!

With your donation, you will be entered to win a Pair of Panthers Football Tickets & a $100 Gift Card to NFL.com! No donation is necessary to enter, but we would truly appreciate your support.  To sign up without making a pledge – click here.

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