90 Seconds of Fame

WSGE supports independent artists, so we want to help promote your favorite song through our 90 Seconds of Fame Promotion. If you  have a song that has hit potential and you really want people to hear it, submit it now for your chance at 90 Seconds of Fame.

From Friday, April 29 to Friday, May 13th  a series of songs will be aired by musicians just like you that are looking for a chance to be discovered.  To have your song considered, submit a CD or mp3 to WSGE no later than midnight on Friday, April 22.  Mp3s can be e-mailed to 90_Circle90secondsoffame@gmail.com.  The station’s mailing address can be found on our website, www.wsge.org  under the Contact link.  Only 90 seconds of selected songs will be aired.  If you  have a song that has hit potential and you really want people to hear it,  90 Seconds of Fame is the opportunity for you.  All entries will be considered for future airplay but there is no guarantee that your song will be part of the station’s permanent rotation.


90 Second of Fame Submission Rules:

  1. The song must be submitted with a bio and contact information for consideration.
  2. The song cannot contain obscenity or profane language.
  3. The song must be an original composition and no more than 3 minutes in length.
  4. All music genres are eligible but preference will be given to songs that fit WSGE formats.
  5. The promotion is open to US citizens 15 years of age and older.
  6. Submitted CDs will not be returned to artist.
  7. Only one entry per artist/band will be considered.


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